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Barcode - Bermuda Cup

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Beep.... Beep.... If your pants aren't scanning, there's nothing we can do about it, but rest safe in the knowledge that your cash drawer is well-supported and your wad isn't going anywhere when you flash the goods! The Barcode Bermuda Cup is a fantastic design which really is quite dazzling if people look at it too long... Perfect distraction before you pounce!!! 

The Bermuda Cup design seems to do what it says on the tin, with a trunk style design the length of the 90’s Bermuda Shorts, combined with a cupped and sculpted front pouch, lifting the manly assets then sculpting the rear with their signature bum-chums curved back seam. From memory, Bum-Chums held a vote on their social media channels asking their followers for input for this design before it was made… Not often would you see a brand brave enough to actually do this and hats off to them for having the balls to get their customers involved.


The long legs are finished a hand span above the knee and edged with a 1cm finished binding and a 1cm on the top binding surrounding the cup, for that extra lift. The pouch itself has a decorative cover stitching down the front, single panel thickness to allow extra stretch and sexiness and is sculpted to be filled in all the right places.



8% Elastane

Made in England

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