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Berry Cumpôte Sling-Shot

  • £1399

The pouch front fits as a brief would, meeting the leg elastic underneath, flat under the bottom and cups the cheeks as only you would expect. Made with a single thickness pouch, the pants are rather accommodating to the excitable ones among us and give a certain outline through the fabric… So you can see what’s for pudding before ordering! Oooft…

Moist and rich, British pudding pants from bum-chums don’t get much more packed with punch than the Berry cumpôte. Served seedless, this delightfully simple purple pudding with bright pink zesty accents makes for a colourful way to finish any meal. So if your men’s underwear collection is lacking in bright and bold colour, then look no further, raise your glass and glug a toast to the Berry Cumpôte, Bottoms Up!

Garment Composition:

Polyamide 92%

Elastane 8%

Sex appeal - Overflowing!

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