Fetish Gear - Locker Room Jockstrap - Red

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Treat yourself to the vintage-inspired Jock from Fetish Gear at Debriefed Underwear.

Featuring a 2-inch supportive waistband, softly elasticated jockstraps, and a textured pouch - the Locker Room Jock delivers both style and support. If you're a fan of the original jock, then this is the piece you need. The striped waistband rests comfortably on your hips, holding your bulge in place and assisting your buttocks for a delicious looking peach (in-and-out of bottoms).

Featuring a branded FETISH GEAR logo on the waistband, just above your package. Easy-to-wear, easy to clean (if you're worried about things like that).

Fetish Gear Size Guide:
Small: 28-30 inches
Medium: 32-34 inches
Large: 36-38 inches
X-Large: 40-42 inches

Waistband: 70% Polyester & 30% Rubber
Leg Elastic: 70% Polyester & 30% Rubber
Bulge Pouch: 55% Nylon, 25% Rubber & 20% Cotton