Maskulo Youngero - Fetish Harness - Neon Green

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Maskulo Youngero - Fetish Harness - Neon Green

This Maskulo Youngero fetish chest harness is a super item to complete your fetish gear outfit. It is made with a PVC leather-look material that is polyester and spandex based. This gives it a leather-look shine and some stretch for a great fit. It is soft to touch so it is more comfortable against your skin. The fit can also be adjusted with the black metal snaps. There are 5 straps which are connected to metal rings. The chest harness has coloured stripes, available in a range of colours so you can show your fetish and match it to your Maskulo Gear. There is a reflective strip down the centre of each strap which glows bright white under UV fluorescent lighting. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd in this one!

  • 5 straps connected by metal rings,
  • Snaps to adjust to your chest and height
  • Neon spandex elements – glow in the UV;
  • Metallic stripe;
  • PVC logo;
  • Material: polyester 85%, elastane 10%, PVC 5%;

The number of snaps may vary and be different with the photo.

Photos are provided to show neon and reflective parts in daylight and black UV-light. Please mention that despite all efforts were made to show the product look close to reality, actual appearance and colours may vary.

Caution! The chemical composition of some deodorants may cause the colour change. To test please apply your deodorant on a small area at the inner side of the item.

Size Guide

Small - 33 inch - 37 inch

Medium - 37 inch - 42 inch

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Extra Large - 47 inch - 51 inch