Raspberry Ripple Singlet

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Hips and puddings go hand-in-hand and you’re sure to be reaching for a second helping after you slip into one of these men's singlets. The new design singlet clings to the body in all the right places to help display your manly wears, as well as the signature centre back seam, which accentuates your rear bundle; sure to prick the attention of anyone with a sweet tooth!  

With contrasting side panels that are designed to accentuate the male form, the lines guide the eyes… So you can see what’s for pudding before ordering! Hooft… 

If you've ever had a pot of Raspberry Ripple, you just know you want to dip your finger in and take a taste right before serving a generous portion for pudding. The swish of pink against the bright yellow is just too alluring. This is one pudding where a moment on your lips WON'T touch your hips.

Vibrant pink underwear with accented bright yellow detail, these colourful pants are set to make an impression.

Garment Composition:

Polyamide 92%

Elastane 8%

Sex appeal - Gushing!