Rhubarb & Custard Jock

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Hips and puddings go hand-in-hand and you’re sure to be reaching for a second helping after you slip into these pants. The new design hipster now includes a more contoured pouch to help display your manly wears, as well as the signature centre back seam, which accentuates your rear bundle; sure to prick the attention of anyone with a sweet tooth! Accented top finishing sets the new bum-chums style alight… Just remember men’s underwear should not be flambé… Made with a single thickness pouch, the pants are rather accommodating to the excitable ones among us and give a certain outline through the fabric… So you can see what’s for pudding before ordering! Oooft…

One stick or two? It may be hard to decide when you come to ordering your desert… The Rhubarb and Custard puddings from bum-chums bring all the colour of Spring and based close to the home of Rhubarb in Yorkshire, we wanted to give the world a taste of our delights.

Vibrant pink underwear with accented bright yellow detail, these colourful pants are set to make an impression.

Garment Composition:

Polyamide 92%

Elastane 8%

Sex appeal - Overflowing!