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Stealth Dawn Sport Brief

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Form and function….the ideal partnership, inherent in all good design, and the new Stealth collection from bum-chums embodies this philosophy perfectly!

The new Stealth collection is designed to work in harmony with your body, providing natural support and physical freedom in a subtle yet striking package.  The bum-chums’ Stealth Sports-Brief consists of simple, bold and strong lines in confident colour accents that frame and emphasise the male form.  The new Stealth Sports-Brief is designed to provide maximum freedom of movement whilst giving comfortable frontal support and, as with all bum-chums underwear, an enhancing rear view.  The pouch is ergonomically designed – supportive without being tight and restrictive.  The advanced Supplex® fabric is cotton soft to the touch whilst exhibiting exceptional breathability and wicking properties.  To emphasise the naturally enhancing nature of the pouch and to increase the visual impact, the centreline is highlighted with a vibrantly coloured cover-seam stitch.  The rear of the Sports-Brief is designed to offer complete coverage, support and enhancement, even during vigorous exercise; the leading rear edges of the rear section attach further along the waistband, and the entire rear piece is shaped to allow not only a vertical but also lateral tension, this design reduces the potential ‘wedgie’ effect often associated with this type of underwear; your bum-chums’ Sports-Brief will not ‘ride-up’.  Finally, like all the Stealth collection, the rear of the Sports-Brief features a strikingly coloured, cover-seamed centreline that adds drama and enhances the natural shape of your bum, ensuring all your attributes are highlighted!   

Supplex ®: the technical heart of Stealth

The Stealth collection also debuts a new fabric: Supplex®.  Supplex® is a technically advanced fabric developed by scientists for modern athletes; it has the traditional feel and appeal of cotton with the benefits of modern fibre technology.  Like cotton, Supplex® is fully breathable and soft to the touch, but unlike cotton, it will maintain its’ shape and return qualities - even after repeated wash and wear cycles.  Also, Supplex® is colour-fast, so colours won’t fade and, unlike cotton, it won’t pill (bobble).  The fabric is high wicking, helping to keep you dry, particularly during physical exertion; it’s also quick drying and is tough and durable.

The Stealth collection, our most advanced design yet and is available with five vibrant colour accents:  Stealth Ice, Stealth Air, Stealth Ignite, Stealth Fire and Stealth Dawn

Stealth - Form following Function.

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