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Men across the world rejoice!!  Bum-chums has arrived and is on a mission to rid the world of dull, dreary, sad and saggy men’s underwear and replace with fun, funky, form fitting fancies! 



21st century man wants more from his most intimate attire than simply a place for his precious assets to reside; they want fit, comfort, enhancement and desirable designs that make them look and feel good.  From pullin’ pants to everyday wear, bum-chums have the perfect solution!  Delectable designs for all occasions, from changing room to bedroom, in bold, vibrant styles; hipsters, hip-briefs, jocks and swimwear, all constructed with male comfort in mind.

Bum-chums are also proud champions of British design and manufacturing.  All our sensuous raw materials, from our tactile, body-hugging fabrics to our vibrant threads, are sourced here in the UK; they are then lovingly sewn together by people with skill and passion right here in Blighty!  Furthermore, not only can the whole world benefit from great British design and construction, but so can the environment!  Home grown products mean that our carbon footprint leaves less of an impression; so, now youcan buy desire with a clearer conscience! 

So, whether you want to be dude of the dance floor, beau of the boudoir or simply want comfortable and perfectly fitting everyday pants, let bum-chums enhance the beauty of your bootie!

Keep checking our website for new designs....we have plenty of pants in our parlour ready to pounce!

Bum-Chums Men's Underwear

Ok, we know we're not the most coventional designer underwear company in the world, but let's be fair... We're bum-chums, which means we know that anyone visiting us will hopefully get the tongue-in-cheek attitude we have to life... We tend to put more of our effort into designing and manufacturing well-fitting and superb smalls for men of the world to enjoy. Whether they're men's briefs or men's hipsters, we don't discriminate; our pants get all our attention.

If you like our website though, there are plenty of other things to see on the site... Such as our video collection. Trust us, it can bring a smile to even the most dull day at the office. Feel free to share them too. We also use the facebook and twitter...