New wrestling singlets


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What's a Singlet?!

Well chums, every day is a school day. Well done to those who guessed correctly, that this here on the left is a singlet.

We researched and they're worn mainly for doing the washing up and to go grocery shopping. But whatever your wear yours for, we hope you enjoy the figure-hugging style of these stunning pieces.

Boxers by Bum-Chums

Back-seated brands baggy boxers got you begging for a better fitting pair of pants? Then look no further as bum-chums make underwear just for you... Our Boxers are a low-rise Hipster design just banging with bum-loving boom and bangarang to boost your bootie and give brace and backing for your equally as important anterior friend! Bum-Chums Hipsters rock rocks!!!

Great Fitting Underwear Made in Britain

Bundles of beautiful butt-bounty? Begging for a better buttress to bolster your behind? Bum-Chums could very well make the best briefs for you then... Why throw away big-bucks? Barricading your bare bum in bottom-rate brands you'll buy again and again? We make our Briefs to fit and to last. With a bottom-hugging fit at the back and a supportive and cupping pouch, we strive to achieve the best naturally enhancing brief we can to champion Men's Underwear... Men... The search is over!

Backless Briefs by Bum-Chums

So maybe you're looking for a fully-fitted brief but without the back? Something of a Men's Briefs meets Jock but you're not sold on jocks? Well have you been introduced to the Backless Brief from Bum-Chums yet? No? Well here it is. With our enhancing cut and anatomically designed pouch and butt-fitting back only with a perfectly framing window! Oh... It's just perfect!

Jocks by Bum-Chums

If you're a Jock and like nothing more than jumping into a body-contact sport then why not check out the Bum-Chums Jocks? No seriously... Joking aside and jovial jolliness excepted... The Bum-Chums Jock provides excellent support for your crown jewels as well as cupping leg straps for your next jovial jaunt in the gym. Backless and breezy, the jocks really are for those who like to bare their bum!

Singlets by Bum-Chums

Ever heard the expression "I'll wrestle you for it"? Well whether it's for the last jelly bean or to decide who does the dishes tonight, why not try your rough and tumble in a beautifully designed Bum-Chums Singlet?

If however, you're more passive resistance, then you can always strut your stuff in the clubs in this slinky and figure-hugging design to get all the votes you need to topple your opponent!