All precision, high performance equipment needs good ventilation to maintain peak performance, and the bum-chums’ In2cooler is designed to provide that very thing for your essential components! It allows airflow to your undercarriage, reducing the risk of ‘Push Rod’ or ‘Piston Ring’ overheating!

So, whether you’re engine is idling or revving, you can be sure your bum-chums’ In2coolers will keep your ‘Main Bearing’ and ‘Rear Suspension’ in pole position!

The In2cooler is available in three striking finishes; why not get your motor running with the red and black In2cooler Ignite; supercharge your engine with a little ‘Forced Induction’ from our white and red In2cooler Air or be top model at the motor show with the ‘sub-zero’ blue and white In2cooler Ice! Check them all out at our ‘pant garage’ now….