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British Puddings

Spring is here and bum-chums have outdone their selves this time. Designing a new collection to celebrate the core of culinary couture. The British Pudding collection combines plump and ripe finishing and detail with piping and plush pouches of pure pleasure. Presenting four brand new styles to the dinner table, including the new design brief, hipster and jock, along with a brand new style entirely… The bum-chums Sling-Shot. Beware though, British Puddings are all about the calories and we fully intend all of this collection to go right to the hips and bums of any discerning pudding lover. Created and crafted to culminate in an underwear climax of scantily clad men’s underwear lovers. This brings a totally new meaning to offering to make the pudding! Dessert is all about the presentation and all you have to do next is decide how it’s served…