Fire Singlet

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The time of liberation is nigh. Today is the day to embrace irony and release your body from dull and expressionless men's underwear. Express your individuality & refuse your inner ultra-conformist. The Bum-Chums Basik AF collection is here. Peace out!

Our Fire Singlet is a glow of bright yellow to wear as you bask in an illumination of your social media whoredom. Pout your lips, and make a peace sign for yet another selfie and worry not, for every angle in these beautiful briefs is going to be HOT AF!!!

The Bum-Chums’ Singlet is designed as an all-in one piece that follows the contours of the body. With our flash side panels, and the cut of the pattern, we encourage a flattering ‘V’ configuration at the front that accentuates the pouch area and the back seam sculpts your toosh into an object of admiration.

The front itself is constructed in such a way that has a high stretch quality providing perfect support; but also allowing “show” for those who like it, along with enough room for movement!  The high-cut legs are finished in a contrasting, 25mm binding for maximum visual impact!

Made from 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex, these are possibly the most stretchy men's singlets on the market. Giving extra clinginess and outlines in all the places you'd expect. Trust us, they leave nothing to the imagination from front to back!