Santa's Little Helper Jock

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Oh you're always thinking about other people! What to wrap them for Christmas and where to sit them at the table! But just wait a second. Take a minute from your hectic life and park that pretty peach down on a comfy chair...

We hardly give bums a second thought, we sit on them, fall on them, burn them, scratch them, scrape them, smack them, bite them (if you’re lucky) and wipe them, the list of abuses is endless. Yet that faithful “rear bundle” hardly ever complains and follows us about obediently wherever we go; always playing catch-up.

So, isn’t it about time we gave our bums a bit of spit and polish and a damn good buffing?!

This Christmas, why not let someone know you're thinking of their baubles and pert posterior by sending them the Gift of a Pair of Bum-Chums Christmas Special Underwear? You know it'll be right up their chimney and would bring joy to the world as we know it!

New to the Christmas Specials we have our Santa's Little Helper Jock. Low-Rise, fitted backside and a lush, stretchy sculpted pouch, especially for delicate baubles.

Made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane and decorated by a Santa/Rudolph Print on a Blue Background.