Noir Brief - Men's Lace Brief Black

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You shouldn’t have looked you pleasure-seeking naughty boy you.... No really, turn away now and save yourself. For once you behold this collection of Men’s Lace Underwear, your virginal eyes will be perverted forever.

These pants are not for the feint hearted, with designs to quench the desires of even the most insatiable of desires.

Our figure-hugging Lace pants are made from a soft and stretchy Polyamide/Lycra Fabric. Designed to feel smooth, silky and slutty; they highlight your desirable curves and enhance your form. Our Centre-Back Seam adds our signature contouring, sculpting and forming shape, ensuring your assets are displayed beautifully.

Decorated with a slimline 12mm lycra trim on all edge seams, the decadence & debauchery is unending.

All of our underwear is made lovingly here at our Bum Chums in-house factory in the North of the United Kingdom. All of our British Underwear is made from locally sourced fabrics and trims, knitted, woven, dyed and stitched here 

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