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Fit, Fun and Filled with Preppy, Athletic vibes, the latest Oxbridge collection Singlets are something new for us. Available in the Oxford And Cambridge Styles, both of these fitted Spandex Singlets feature the use of a darker Navy Blue with a White Trim. We think The Oxford and the Cambridge Singlets are a daring new addition to your singlet collection.

Whether you're a sporty rower, a keen cyclist, or just have your eye on someone to wrestle, all that's left to do is "pick your team"!

Made from 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex, these are possibly the most stretchy men's singlets on the market. Giving extra clinginess and outlines in all the places you'd expect. Trust us, they leave nothing to the imagination from front to back. But my god, just look at the ass in that!!!

The cut and style is designed to be an all over men's wrestling singlet but with attention given to the form-focussing side panels to accentuate the masculine form while of course stretching to look like it's sprayed on!

We hope you like wearing them as much as we enjoy making them :)