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Assylum Aqua Hipster

  • £15.99

Sick in the Head Colour Infusion from Bum-Chums

It’s time to let rip and give way to your inner voices; the ones telling you to do it, to jump in and to live a little. That’s right Crazy Chums, this new collection of Bright and Bold Colours is set to get you Foaming at the Mouth and Away with the Fairies! There’s just enough time to pull yourself together and fix your Basket Case before Cracking-up completely.

If you’re not completely cerebrally certified yet then feel free to choose from a frenzied range of four favourite styles of fancies. Including our Signature Hipsters and Briefs, as well as both our sculpted Jocks and Thongs. Such a selection of underwear could leave a man unbalanced, unhinged and unstable.

Whether you’re raving in the clubs, ranting at the walls or ravaging the nearest person with a pulse, make fully sure that you’re wearing a pair of the new Colour Assylum pants from Bum-Chums!


95%    Cotton           5%      Elastane

For Best results wash at 40C, Do not Tumble Dry, Do Not Bleach, Do not Iron

Aqua Blue

Tranquilize your temper with this tempting Turquoise Aqua Blue addition of colour to your Men’s Underwear Collection. With a calming but bright flare of pigment to your pants drawer, these are a sure bet to grab attention to any you choose to flash!


Low-rise but still sculpted for the male form, our Signature Hipsters have undergone the 2017 facelift and had some work done. With a cheeky-wink we know you all noticed the extra inch we slipped you on the leg binding. This is designed to reduce rolling and riding as well as give opportunity for accenting on some styles. Our new Hipsters are designed to be a snug-hip-fit and to give plenty of “room for manoeuvre” in the pouch area. Single layer pouch fronted, these boxer styles come decorated with a top and bottom cover to reduce irritation and add styling.

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