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Something for the weekend Sir? Well if you're looking for something both different and a little kinky, then look no further... Behold the Jock Butt Better!

See what we did there?

If you didn't then you'll probably have missed the bit where we didn't put leg straps on this new super soft, breathable and slightly perforated polyamide pouch model! "Well how does it hold in?" we hear you exclaim! 

We're glad you asked... The jock slips round your waist and sits where any good jockstrap should. Then through the power of science and magic, it just pegs in to your perfect peachy man-hole with the new Butt Plug.

Then there's a choice of 3 sizes of Neo-Safe super soft Silicone Putt Plugs, depending on your appetite.

So why not spice up your next online meeting by wearing one of these under your suit or simply please your self by wearing it on the bus into town!

We really hope you like these new pants. You might not... But either way you can stick it up your a$$!

Garment Composition:

Polyamide 92%

Elastane 8%

Kink Appeal! Gushing with it...