Shooting Star Hipster

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We have lift off! And you don’t need a telescope to spot these astronomical wonders, even though they’re out of this world. A stellar range of men’s hipsters, hip-briefs and thongs constructed from space-age liquid metallic lycra that is more luminous than a supernova! So, launch yourself into any club or bar in these galactic garments and be the brightest star in the social firmament!

Woosh! And it’s gone! Shoot past admirers in these pants and you’ll leave them wanting more! Made from space-age liquid metallic lycra, you’ll illuminate the atmosphere everywhere you go!

Fabric composition:

92% Polyamide

8% Elastane

Please note: All the Celestial range products are ‘special occasion’ underwear and as such we recommend they be worn as ‘occasional’ wear. The regular wearing and washing of these products may result in abrasion and subsequent dulling of the foil surface. Bum-chums can accept no responsibility should this occur.