SnakeBite - Bermuda Cup

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The SnakeBite Bermuda Cup featuring a venomous looking print design houses the most dangerous of all the snake family!!! Sssshhhhhh or you'll wake the snoozing beast from his sleepy slumber, nested in a cosy supported cup to the front of these long trunks!
The Bermuda Cup design seems to do what it says on the tin, with a trunk style design the length of the 90’s Bermuda Shorts, combined with a cupped and sculpted front pouch, lifting the manly assets then sculpting the rear with their signature bum-chums curved back seam. From memory, Bum-Chums held a vote on their social media channels asking their followers for input for this design before it was made… Not often would you see a brand brave enough to actually do this and hats off to them for having the balls to get their customers involved.
The long legs are finished a hand span above the knee and edged with a 1cm finished binding and a 1cm on the top binding surrounding the cup, for that extra lift. The pouch itself has a decorative cover stitching down the front, single panel thickness to allow extra stretch and sexiness and is sculpted to be filled in all the right places.
92% Polyester
8% Elastane
Made in England