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Cover your eyes and as stunning as they are, whatever you do; don't stare directly at them!

At 5700 Kelvin, the Sol is by far the hottest men's underwear in the cosmos. Make these radiant wonders the centre of your universe, or at least your underwear drawer, as you last a glow upon anyone who beholds you in them.

Although they're not born in the vacuum of space and constructed from Hydrogen, they're still a fusion of beautiful Orange Cotton and Elastane fabric. Designed to give you a natural comfort, breathability and fitted shaping to them. With stretch in all the right places, the Sol addition adds vibrancy to any dark day!

Orange - 95%    Cotton           5%      Elastane

Mesh -    95% Polyamide        5%      Elastane

For Best results wash at 30C, Do not Tumble Dry, Do Not Bleach, Do not Iron 

Sol - Orange Men's Underwear

Bathe your body in sun soaking rays of the new Sol. The Orange richness is a fine addition of colour to your Men’s Underwear Collection. With a warming and bright flares of pigment to your pants drawer, these are a sure bet to grab attention from any you choose to flash! Shine on!

Bum-Chums Tool Belt - Men's Mesh Underwear - Orange

Technical Description The bum-chums’ Tool Belt is a hybrid design combining the frontal support of a jock and the shaped lift and coverage of a brief. The overall design consists of a single ply supportive pouch shaped from a high stretch fabric, secured to the pouch centreline is an airflow power mesh that overlays the pouch and encircles the rear in a single sweep. The ‘belt-line’ created by the single piece mesh provides rear lift and naturally enhances the posterior aspect. A rear, semi-circular accent and feature lines in contrasting thread complete the look.