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Underwear Review from Undies 101 - The In2Cooler

We love seeing the reviews of our products with an honest and open point of view... Here we received a review from a review site in the USA, Undies 101... These guys are great; posting their reviews by guys of all shapes and sizes, who actually wear the pants and tell us what they think...
Here's a snippet from their review... 
"So lets learn about the In2Cooler Air Briefs. Firstly MESH!!! God knows I love abit of mesh against my bits! but more than that the bum-chums’ In2cooler has been designed as a low-rise hip-brief so it sort of follows the shape of your body, gently hugging your shape. The pouch itself is constructed from a power mesh material that has a high stretch quality providing perfect support; the material is also single ply which actually helps maximise the airflow, helping to keep your bits nice and cool cos there is nothing worse than your balls sticking to the side of your leg! As you can see from the pictures the column of mesh runs from the front pouch all the way round and upto the waistband at the back of the briefs. Putting it plainly these are some sexy ass pants!"
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To see the whole review visit Undies 101 and see this and other pants reviewed by their team... Thanks guys!